The way we are


Oh how I wish that more of my days look like the picture out of one of Norman Rockwell’s beautiful images, but more often than not the days ebb and flows of the day are filled with both the high and lows of riding on the motherhood roller coaster! I love thrill rides and motherhood it the ultimate thrill ride! Everyday is different while the rhythm of the day will be the same; the outcome may be different. Take this morning, we woke up and I decided not to stress myself out with trying to take a shower, make all the bed and get both girls dressed so we went down stairs in our PJs for breakfast.  Beds were made and clothes for the day in a pile sitting on the kitchen counter. We all ate and I had a large cup of coffee enjoying the quiet and peacefulness of the morning.  Bon Iver played in the background as we discussed our day.  We had made plans to go visit my grandmother and so slowly we started to get ourselves ready to get in the car.  The beautiful morning moments started to fade as Lillian began to get tired and started fussing (which is typical as the morning nap approached) And I knew we needed to get everyone in the car, dressed (if possible) before a melt down! We all made it in the car with a few tears shed but I wasn’t counting out putting the girls in the car with PJs on (which I’ve done before when visiting my mom and Nina!) We made it out of the house, I was showered (no makeup on but I didn’t care!), kiddos dressed and fed and house fairly tiddy! And in the quiet car with Charlotte’s music playing in the background, I realized we may not alway have the picture perfect moments during the day, but when we do we should cherish and savor them! Many parts of motherhood will be messy and if we can see past the mess we can find those beautiful perfect moments that bring us confidence and make us beam.  It is like the moment before the big drop or upside down loop on a roller coaster, getting to the “big roller coaster moment” may be a little bumpy but it is worth the thrill.


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  1. Abbie says:

    This is so very true! A good message to keep in mind…

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